What My Family Means to Me

This is a fun and meaningful activity to introduce children to family history. Follow the steps below to create yours! 

1.     Grab a blank piece of paper and have your child write “What my Family Means to Me” at the top

2.     Children trace their hand in the middle of the paper

3.     All around the handprint, the child draws pictures representing the child’s family and what it means to them. Ideas are: family traditions, religious symbols, family pets, favorite family activities, drawings of family members, anything – one rule: no words and no name, only pictures!

4.     When the child is finished, the parent or teacher takes a photo with the child’s hand in the handprint and their work.

5.     Share the photo with our community!  Email Katie (at) storybookancestor (dot) org or use the hashtag on social media: #whatmyfamilymeanstome and/or #storybookancestor

7.     Kiddos: Be proud of your work! Your family is special! :)