Giwi's Long-Standing Traditions

This is where we share our stories. Stories written by us, our elders, and our children. Stories about our lives, our childhoods, our families' stories and our ancestors' stories. Our stories. 

The following family story was submitted by Grant Goff, 16, of Lebanon, Indiana.

My grandmother, Mary Lou Woods, who we call “Giwi", is drastically into family tradition. She has started many long-standing traditions like the 4th of July parade in her neighborhood. She also has a tradition of going Christmas caroling around her neighborhood, going to the Christmas tree farm, and going to the Anderson Apple Orchard.

She started the parade in the 1970s and it is now an organized parade that gathers every year. The group consists of my family and my grandmother’s neighbors. They gather every year with cars, trucks, bikes, and some bring their dogs. She even organizes a musical band of varying ages.

She has also started a Christmas caroling tradition when my mother was one year old and friends of my mom that attended when they were children now bring their own children to the party. We meet at my grandmother’s house, consisting of family and friends. Then we go caroling around the neighborhood. After we are finished caroling we eat snacks and visit. Sometimes the neighbors will share cookies with us after we are finished singing.

Another tradition my grandmother started is a family get together at the Anderson Apple Orchard. We go every fall and pick apples. It’s always fun to find a stick and jab a fallen apple and then sling it into the woods. 

At the Christmas tree farm we find a tree to cut down then bond as a family. After we get our tree we talk to each other and then sometimes we go to my grandmother's house to help her put up her tree.

We always go back to her house for major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. My cousins, aunts, and uncles come and there is always a bunch of food, fun and laughter. Most of these traditions meet at my grandmother’s house and its always a thrill going back to.

Grant is 16 and he goes to Lebanon Senior High School.  He likes to spend time with friends and listen to music.  He also likes to play video games and sail at Eagle Creek Sailing Club.  Grant swims for the Lebanon High School Team and the Lebanon Swim Club.