Family History Workshops & More

Happy May, friends! 

It's sure been a long time comin', but as I sit on my front porch, rain in the distance and Johnny Cash playing, I'm happy to finally announce that I've decided what I want to be when I grow up. 

Okay, silly, huh? But I've been all over the place, changing majors in college, switching from jobs with which I've been unhappy, trying out work-from-home positions that pretty quickly showed themselves to be not for me - and I've finally reached the conclusion that I probably should do what I love. 

Again, silly. I realize how privileged I am to be able to experiment and land on the decision to do what it is I love. I've always been a mixture of history, writing, and education, so that's where I've ended up. I'm tossing aside everything else and focusing on these three things: namely writing my books, presenting to groups with my children's book, and creating history and family history-themed educational products on Teachers pay Teachers. All three of these things will be featured in this blog - and when you subscribe, you'll get some freebies along the way. ;) 

Family History Workshops

This past weekend, I was honored to host my first workshop at Hamilton East Public Library in Noblesville. Next week, I'll be in Argos, Indiana at a school, and in June, I'll be at the Trafalgar library's Pioneer festival. This is just a start - and I'd love to be able to visit YOUR library or school through October (a new baby is coming in November!). In pioneer costume, I visit groups and read aloud When Mother Read Aloud, my children's book based on my pioneer ancestor's memoir, and teach a short workshop on family history for kids. Programs within an hour's driving distance of Indianapolis are free of charge, and last about one hour. Please contact me if you are interested in a program. I would love nothing more than to come visit your group! 

 Storybook Ancestor program at Hamilton East Public Library - Noblesville 

Storybook Ancestor program at Hamilton East Public Library - Noblesville 


More is coming... I'll keep you posted of upcoming workshops, send you fun family history, writing, and history freebies for kids, and other surprises. Subscribe below for all the fun stuff, and contact me here if you're interested in a program! 

Thanks for your support! See you soon!