The Changing of the Seasons - What's New & What's Changing

Happy Friday and Happy September, friends!

Today marks the beginning of my favorite time of year – September through December – fall, and the holidays. We have so many gatherings and traditions throughout this time of year – and of course, it’s also a beautiful time outdoors – I love the changing of the leaves and the first snowfalls. I got up very early this morning to greet September, went straight to the coffee maker, dogs on my heels, feeling encouraged. The tide is turning, and for the better, I can feel it.


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I follow a lot of bloggers and have noticed an encouraging trend lately. So many bloggers are becoming more open with their readers. Some of the bloggers I follow had disappeared for some time, and have come back with a confession: they’ve been struggling. They’re sharing their lives with their readers and supporters – they’re been honest, open, and real. I admire that. And I thought it was perhaps time I do the same with you, my readers.

I’ve been struggling, too. I battle two dueling mental illnesses and have for years. I also recently suffered a traumatic miscarriage and have been deep in grief. But you know – this, Storybook Ancestor, and all it entails, is not only my career – it’s my passion, and it truly helps keep me going. Seeing my work touch the lives of families and kids – that keeps me going when I want to give up.

But I need to change things up a little… and I need to heal. I am in counseling and therapy. My family is providing more support at this time because well, I need it right now. And while I won’t disappear, you may see a little less of me, and what you see from me will be a little different. (And if I do disappear, I’m gonna need you to come after me.)

What will you see from me?

Real life

Our family is active in our community. We serve in Girl Scouts and with Migros Aid Indy, and we are involved in a homeschool nature studies group and our neighborhood homeschool co-op. So, you’ll see photos and read stories from each of these. In our co-op for example, I’ll be teaching about family history, so I’ll be sharing my lessons with you and examples of the kids’ writing and art.

You'll also see my family more. I'm a wife and a mom before anything else... and also an aunt and cousin and daughter (and descendant!) so I'll be sharing our family life and more of our family history with you as well. 


Most of the products I create will now be for sale at my Teachers pay Teachers store. I’ll still post activities and freebies here in blog posts and on the freebies page, however. (Subscribe below for access to the freebies page.) But - if you enjoy my products, I encourage you to check out my TpT store for more.  

Books and Story times

My husband and I are busy finalizing the formatting and design of the children’s book! It releases in October, and our book launch party is October 7. (See the Events page for more.) This event will also be the first in my Story time series with the children’s book – my very first true “storybook ancestor”! 

I’m also finishing up my third young adult novel, Wayfaring, and sending it off to my editor later this month. This book follows Going over Home and Going over Jordan, which you can learn more about and purchase through my Books page.

As always, it means the world to me that you have stuck with me in this bumpy road as I finally have realized my dream through this blog, my creations, programs, and books. Folks, it’s all about the kids. Your support makes it happen. So, thank you.

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Happy storytelling,