Father's Day Scrapbooks: Preserving the Memories (and having a little fun, too!)

When kids are little, homemade gifts for Father’s Day are always the most meaningful, aren’t they? Store-bought gifts are nice for sure, but when kids take time to make something special for their daddy, it’s sure to be treasured for years to come.

My dad has always had a sense of humor, and our family has an endless amount of inside jokes with him and my mother. (Lemme tell ya.) From “The Incident at Wendy’s” to the infamous “Mile 171”, we could speak in our own language of jokes for hours and nobody would be able to follow us. So one year for Father’s Day, my sister and brother and I decided we would put that to good use for our gift.




A Homemade Scrapbook for Father’s Day   

Somehow, our annual family vacations came to be known as “varecations”, and that is the time of year that generally produced the most hilarious of inside jokes, and they also had the tendency to become somewhat legendary. So for our Father’s Day gift in 2003, when I was in high school, my siblings and I created a scrapbook based on our summer family vacations. Here are a couple examples of pages from this scrapbook:

Of course, these are inside jokes, so there are really only five people in the world that would understand them, and they’re probably cracking up right now. But that’s the awesome thing about family, right? You create memories together that are special and meaningful, and also hilarious only to each other!

Create Your Own Scrapbook with your Kids

Why not make a little scrapbook with your kids for Dad this Father’s Day? You can make one about family vacations like we did, or holidays, or any other special memory that means something to your family. (Don’t forget to include the inside jokes – I know you have them.)

Tips for Creating a Father’s Day Scrapbook

-         Keep it simple!

o Scrapbooking can be very complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! Use every day items from around the house – construction paper, stickers, even old calendar photos  

-         Handwrite!

o   You don’t need to print anything out unless you want to. Handwritten notes are always more special anyway!

-         Draw!

o   Don’t have any extra family photos on hand? Use them if you do of course, but have the kids recreate their memories with dad in their drawings, too.

-         The little things matter.

o   It’s often the little things that are so special to us. Include them!

-         If you’re short on time, use the free printables below! :) 

Gifts like these scrapbooks are bound to become family keepsakes, and will be passed down through the family (and your descendants will have a jolly good time trying to figure y’all out, too).

You’re creating family history when you make family scrapbooks, and telling family stories in a memorable way while you’re at it. Have fun!

Have a very happy Father’s Day!

MEMORIES Fathers Day printable jpg.jpg

Here are your Printables!

Me & You, You & Me: Kids get to draw a picture of themselves with their dads, so print one out for each of the kids! Don’t forget to have them write their name and the year in the space at the bottom.

Memories: There’s one for dad, and one for grandpa. Kids draw two memories of themselves with their dads and/or grandpas as gifts for Father’s Day.

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