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Happy spring, everyone!

It’s high time I checked in here, and come back to Storybook Ancestor. I sure have missed it, and I wanted to let you all know that I am not abandoning this blog. I just needed to take a short hiatus.

After my third child was born in November, I spent my mornings working on this little old blog. But now I am back to teaching nearly every morning, this blog hasn’t been receiving the attention it needs. So I figured I should check in with an update.

So, here’s what’s new, and next, on Storybook Ancestor!

  1. I have been busy with my teaching job! I teach English to children in China early every morning and some evenings. I absolutely love this job – I love that I can teach in my pajamas, that I don’t have a commute, that I can teach while my kids are upstairs asleep, and of course, I absolutely love my students! It really is just the best job. (And if you’re interested in doing something like this, please feel free to contact me. We’ll talk!)
  2. In March, I was offered a position as a media assistant at a nearby elementary school to begin in August. I accepted, but have since developed more serious symptoms of a chronic illness that I have, and so have had to let it go. I am very disappointed, as I would have loved this job so much. But it didn’t seem right to take the job when I may not have been able to do my best due to my illness. I do hope though, that the connections I’ve made may lead to opportunities to volunteer as a storyteller with my children’s book in local schools.
  3. Some exciting news – my newest book is now available! Shamrocks: A Memoir of Mothers is now on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback. The book tells of my journey as a mother and a family historian, interwoven with the stories of the women in my matrilineal line, dating back to 1830s Ireland. I’d love to share it with you – check it out on Amazon!
  4. I am STILL working on the updated version of my ebook, Writing Family History for Kids: A Workbook & Guide. It will be completed I hope within a month or two, and will be available on my Teachers pay Teachers store.
  5. I will continue creating resources, though not to the extent that I could before. All of my free resources that I’ve created are still up in the free resource library. My paid resources, including family history and history/biography studies are on my Teachers pay Teachers store. To come soon are more biography studies, including the “President of the Underground Railroad” Levi Coffin, and Indiana painter T.C. Steele. Check out my store for more!
  6. I’m writing a new book! It’s entitled The Grave on Tanager Drive, and is a young adult contemporary/historical fiction novel. It was inspired by a tiny family cemetery in a suburban neighborhood on the east side of Indianapolis. It’s exciting to be immersed in a new story, and I can’t wait to share more. (Psst.. check out my Instagram to see my pictures, including ones of the little grave.)
A Memoir of Mothers

What’s next on Storybook Ancestor?

I will posting many book reviews – mostly children’s books, but also some young adult and adult book reviews as well. Included will be books by children’s author Louise Tribble, historical fiction author Julie K. Johnson, genealogist and author Stephanie Pitcher Fishman, and bestselling author Patricia Reilly Giff.

I hope you’ll stick around with me! Thanks for sticking with me so far, friends. Though it may be a while between posts, I am still here, and I’m not letting this little blog go again! Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, so you can keep up with the newsletter AND have access to our many free resources in the library.

See you around, and as always, happy storytelling!


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