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Thankfulness through Life Transitions

Every year at Thanksgiving, my mother has each of us at the table go around and share something for which we are thankful – especially something that has happened that year.

Life has its series of ups and downs, but there is always something for which we can give thanks. I remember one year, at one of her last Thanksgivings, my 90-something year old great-great aunt said jokingly (though I’m sure somewhat seriously), “I’m just thankful to still be here!”

She has since passed, and this year we mourned her absence at the table… as well as the more recent absence of my grandfather, who passed away in June.

However, there was a brand new addition to our table, and that was our newborn son, Silas. I happened to be the first to share my gratitude with the table, and of course, I gave thanks for Silas and also Ellie and Micah, my other two. As we went around the table, it became a running joke to say, “Oh! And I’m grateful for Silas!”

Silas is something extra special this Thanksgiving. Not only does he have his grandfather’s name as his middle name, and so represented his place with us this year, but I distinctly remember last year at Thanksgiving the agony I felt from a very recent miscarriage. And now I had a newborn baby with me.

We go through so many transitions in life. “In everything, give thanks,” it says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, and I know that each of our transitions can always turn out to be for our good.

In our family, we are homeschoolers. I am particularly grateful for how homeschooling has helped us through our recent life transitions. Over at the blog Minnesota Country Girl, many homeschooling parents are gathering this month to share how they are grateful for homeschooling, and I have been given the wonderful opportunity to join in.

To read more about how I am grateful for how homeschooling has helped us through life transitions, please join me to read: Thankful for Family Freedom through Life Transitions.

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