Welcome to Storybook Ancestor! 

Storybook Ancestor is a project created by author, educator, and family historian, Katie Andrews Potter. The mission of Storybook Ancestor is ultimately to encourage our younger generations to dive into their family history and uncover the many stories there, and then to tell them, and also to tell their own life stories. To share them with their families, and share them with the world. The world is driven by stories – we all have one, and each of our ancestors had one as well. They’re worth telling, and learning those stories helps us to understand our world better, each other better, and ourselves better. Learning those stories connects us with all of humanity and drives us towards a better future. Thomas Kail, director of the Broadway musical Hamilton, said at the 2016 Tony Awards, “There are stories to be told and there are people who want to hear them. Keep telling the stories.” That’s what we want to do here: keep telling the stories. We’d love to have you join us.


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